Thursday, October 5, 2017

Essential Camping Gear

It can be peaceful to spend time in the wilderness, away from it all.  As enjoyable as it is to sleep in a tent and cook over a fire, you will need some specific camping equipment to use while you spend time away from home.

Sleeping Bags - sleeping bags come in variety of sizes, colors, and ratings for temperature.  If you’re camping in cold temperature, purchase a bag that’s rated for the expected overnight low.  If the temperatures are milder, your sleeping bag should be rated for warmer weather.  Some bags have special pouches to keep valuables safe and dry.

Sleeping Pads - If the idea of sleeping on the ground isn't appealing, you'll need a pad to place under your sleeping bag. Pads add a layer of insulation to keep you warm and also provide extra cushioning for comfort.

Tents- Unless you plan on sleeping under the stars, you will need some sort of shelter. A tent works well for protection from insects and precipitation. Tents vary in size, so select one that will accommodate the number of people in your party. Tents also have special features such as a rainfly that allows you to open the top for extra ventilation, or close it to keep out rain.

Cookware - You might not want to pack your best cookware for preparing food over an open fire, but you will need pots and pans to boil water and cook meals. Anodized aluminum and cast iron are two options. Don't forget plates, mugs, and silverware.

These are the biggest essentials as far as camping in the great outdoors.  Make sure to check out for all of your Outdoor Camping Supplies and more.